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Add on: Trimergo

Scenario: Project Management
Industry: Cross-Industry

Value proposition:

Project Manufacturing Software is the new approach to software for the project driven industry. Historically, no specific software was available for this sector. Project Manufacturing Software offers integrated project control for manufacturing, procurement and engineering processes. This establishes a 'Triangle of Steel' between the essential value-adding processes inside project driven companies. Such software works closely with systems for PDM/CAD and Accounting.

Which companies should consider Trimegro?

If your business process has one or more of these features, Trimegro with Business One may fit your needs.

* . Every order is handled as a project
* · Every project has an engineering component
*. Customer requirements penetrate deeply into the engineering and manufacturing process
* · The bill of material is created completely or partly during the engineering phase
* · Man-hour planning is, at least, just as important as (the) material planning

Benefits of Project Manufacturing Software
The exclusive focus of Project Manufacturing Software on the processes and needs of project driven manufacturers can result in impressive benefits. By implementing the triangle of steel concept, benefits are attributed as much to the field of project management as to total company management.

1. Significant improvement of project margins
This starts with a more reliable pre-calculation based on better visibility in resource loadings and historical data. During the project execution of the margin improves through better procurement performance, more efficient capacity loading, and better control of extra billable work. The performance of procurement improves by reduction of the number of urgency purchase orders and by multi-project grouping of purchase orders. It also reduces synchronization errors between material delivery dates and changing production schedules. Unplanned extra work assignments will be identified quicker and finished work orders can be reported very easily.

Finally, the implementation of Project Manufacturing Software makes it possible to see the realized project margin in every phase of the project, plus the estimated project margin at completion. This is possible because the architecture of Project Manufacturing Software bundles all hours and materials in a common project framework.

2. More efficiency
An important driver for more efficiency is the improvement of utilization levels as a result of better visibility in the department loadings. Automatically, this leads to reduction of outsourcing and hiring of temporary workforce. Other benefits can be realized in less co-ordination meetings and expensive last minute actions, because of workflow support and alerts. And last, but not least, a reduction of project administration by cutting double input, less mistakes, quicker searches and by facilitating the procurement and invoicing procedures.

3. Higher customer satisfaction
Project Manufacturing Software has a very healthy effect on the reliability of deadlines. This is because all processes are driven by project steering backed with milestones. In case a deadline is in danger, an alert will be processed immediately. Especially notorious domino effects inside and in between projects will be traced very quickly. Because of more reliable pre-calculations, it is possible to calculate with sharp margins, without margin risk. Finally, the product quality will improve with a more controlled and relaxed process, it prevents mistakes and gives more time to absorb engineering changes in procurement and production.


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