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Our methodology for service desk and change request management is unique and uses Solution Manager to offer you these advantages. You don’t have to have a fully configured solution manager to work with us.

  • Easy creation of messages by end users from regular work area. No need to logon to our application for this. ( From your SAP menu -> Help-> create support message)

  • Automatic collection of most important system data like transaction data and program ID without user having to enter it.

  • Assignment of the service ticket to the resource based on our SLA for this user and priority assigned to the ticket.

  • Symptom and solution along with notes and attachments are stored in the ‘internal solution database’. This is important as this provides the ability for users to search for their solutions. We consider this a very important part of our value proposition.

  • Ability to answer questions like how many incidents were reported?
    • For a given time interval, per organization, per SAP component

  • How long did it take to complete incidents?
    • Overall and specific
    • How many were solved with the internal solution database?
    • How many were converted into how many change requests?
    • How is the satisfaction of end-users?

  • Which incidents are in process/completed?
    • By service desk employee/organization

Ask us for a complete presentation on our support and change request methodology.




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