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Flat World maintains an active roster of Engineers, who are available to assist our clients. The technologies we are familiar with are:

Embedded Systems Development

  • Multitasking operating systems such as pSOS, VxWorks, and RTOS
  • Using platforms such as UNIX, WINDOW NT, VMS and languages C/C++ for development.
  • Processors such as Power PC, Motorola 68xxx, Intel 80x86, Intel 80960, Intel Pentium, AMD and Microcontrollers Motorola's 68HCxx, Intel 8051
  • Diagnostics, device drivers, inter-card communications,common control software

ATM Switch Development

  • Development of Q.2931, Q.SAAL, SSCOP, Call Control, ATM Connection Management
  • ATM Routing Protocols UNI Signaling, NNI Signaling IISP & PNNI
  • ATM LAN Emulation (LANE)
  • Multiprotocol over ATM (MPOA)

Network Management Development

  • Development of SNMP (MIBs, SMI & ASN.1) and CMISE/CMISE protocols
  • Development in UNIX, Windows, Windows NT, Rational Rose & RogueWave Tools
  • Development of distributed client server object oriented architectures in C++,Java and Corba
  • Configuration Management, Fault Management, Accounting Management
  • GUI - Neuron Data, X-Windows, Motif, Builder Accessory

Cellular Systems Development

  • TDMA, CDMA & GSM Systems
  • Air Interfaces, IS-54, IS-136, DTAP & BSSMAP,A-Interface, SMS (TAP & TNPP)
  • Call Processing

Frame Relay Development

  • T1.618, Frame Relay Signalling & Congestion Control LMI & CLLM
  • Q.931, Voice over Frame Relay and FR NNI implementation.

Development of Routing Equipment for LANs & WANs

  • Implementation of protocols such as OSPF, RIP, EGP, BGP, CIDR, PPP, SLIP, ARP & RARP
  • Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS) & SNI implementation
  • TCP/IP, Internet Addressing, IP Subnetting, IP Multinetting, DHCP, RRAS, DNS, BOOTP implementation

Digital Loop Carrier

  • Systems for the "local loop" between telephone service users and public telephone networks.
  • Service from POTS to xDSL over copper T1, fiber, HDSL, and radio transport media.
    Interfaces such as TR-303 and TR-08. Service including POTS, SPOTS,Centrex, Data Port & ISDN

Datacomm Networks such as X.25, SNA etc

  • Implementation of X.25, LAPB, PADs
  • Link Level Protocols HDLC & SDLC




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